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Elopak products

Roll-Fed carton material

Roll-Fed carton material juice
Roll-Fed carton material milk

Available in various 1 liter and portion pack configurations, Elopak supplies material for the most common roll fed aseptic carton filling machines on the market.

The artwork should be supplied in the same way as for Pure-Pak® carton production, with one clear difference: panels 1 and 5 meet on the back of the carton and form a seal. Please note that the layout elements need to be positioned accordingly to create a seamless visual.

Roll Fed EB logo

Every Roll Fed carton contains a dedicated register mark: the EB logo at the bottom of the package. The marking is essential for the production process. Color and printing specification for this element is identical to that of EAN bar codes.

Roll fed show tell

Show & Tell

The mockup below will guide you through common design elements and help you to better understand Elopak process requirements.

Roll-Fed grid

Roll-Fed carton material®

Artwork compliance checklist

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File type

Summary table

Screen ruling: 136 lpi (54 l/cm)



Accepted file types

Print files PDF

Open files Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, ArtPro

Always package links and fonts.

Outline all text.

Document/image color mode


No Color conversion.

Don’t include color profiles.

Image resolution

300 dpi

Include layers where applicable.

Illustrator raster effect settings

High resolution 300 ppi

Rasterize gradient mesh objects.


Panel 1 and panel 5 Elements must be positioned correctly to assure back-match

Nudge parameters A1 Elopak RF Slim 1000 ml: 297 mm

A2 Elopak RF Slim 200 ml: 170 mm

B1 Elopak RF Base 1000 ml: 314 mm

B2 Elopak RF Base 200 ml: 206 mm

Illustrator PDF compatible file



PDF compatibility

Acrobat 6, PDF 1.5


Minimum line thickness

Single pure ink 0,15 mm

Composite color build-up 0,35 mm

Reversed lines 0,35 mm

Maximum 3 inks allowed in a composite color build-up.

Minimum text size

Single pure ink 5 pt sans-serif (stroke width 0,15 mm)

Composite color build-up 7 pt bold sans-serif (stroke width 0,35 mm)

Negative text 7 pt bold sans-serif (stroke width 0,35 mm)

See all text requirements

Maximum 3 inks allowed in a composite color build-up.

Minimum bar code size

100% magnification

EAN-13 37.29 x 26.26 mm

EAN-8 26.73 x 21.64 mm

See the barcode requirements

Elopak will ensure that all bar codes are in accordance with EAN certification.

Printing of Pantone colors

Not available.

All colors are converted to EloChrome by the Elopak Repro Department.

About EloChrome standards