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Elopak products


Gable top carton for non-food products
hand wash DPak
conditioner DPak

Elopak's D-PAK™ carton brings the sustainability advantages of our iconic Pure-Pak® cartons to household and cosmetics brands and products. Through D-PAK™ we are offering an alternative to plastic bottles that is based on good wood - with or without a screw cap.

elochrome logo

EloChrome for D-PAK™

Our standardized multi-color printing ink setup differs slightly for D-PAK™, primarily due to the special chemical nature of non-food products.





are supported with 2 additional inks




and a semi-matte varnish overprint finish.




For more information on how our ink setup is applied and why it represents a superior printing solution, please see the EloChrome section.


Flap design

D-PAK flap

With a unique flap design D-PAK™ stands out and differentiates itself from other packaging. The flap is an important design element which helps clarify that the carton contains a non-food product. The flap is mandatory, but with some flexibility as to use and appearanceSee more.

no flap design
flap design

You can add design elements to the reverse side of the flap as well.

flap size

Both the flap and the carton design need to clearly indicate non-food content.

D-PAK™ features

Tactile areaSee more


The embossed zone on the side and back of the carton offers consumers a new tactile experience and supports the carton’s functionality. 

If you would prefer to use a text description on the side panels' embossed area, please use “first touch” rather than “grip”, as this feature is not intended to improve the grip function. See examples:


tactile area



Asymmetric top


The carton utilizes an asymmetric top. So as to take advantage of this shape, it is recommended to use a contrasting color inside the lateral gable wall. See examples:


asymmetric top



Easy fold instructions


Easy fold instructions


The “easy to fold” feature allows you to squeeze out more of the product and enables convenient flattening of the emptied carton in order to reduce waste volume. It is recommended to always include the easy fold icons.

We suggest using icons for all steps (1-3) for high viscous products, or icons for steps 1 and 3 for low viscous products. The easy fold icons are property of Elopak.

You may also choose to emphasize the folding lines by adding print to them.


Recommended instructions
(high viscous products)

Recommended fold instructions

Minimum instructions
(low viscous products)

Minimum fold instructions


For better visibility, we recommend that you highlight the folding lines with print.

Non-food labeling

Labels and warning signs for non-food products need to be in line with filled content legal requirements: same warning signs used on other package formats must also be used on D-PAK™ cartons.


Content of the carton needs to be clearly stated. Warning signs such as "do not drink" must be used.

Do not drink symbol

Show & Tell

The mockups below will guide you through common design elements and help you to better understand Elopak process requirements.

Please pay attention that these requirements are somewhat different for white boards and Natural brown board. Always consider the printed material first before starting the design process.

White board show and tell


Artwork compliance checklist

Print Download
File type

Summary table


Screen ruling: 136 lpi (54 l/cm)



Accepted file types

Print files PDF

Open files Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, ArtPro

Always package links and fonts.

Outline all text.

Document/image color mode


No Color conversion.

Don’t include color profiles.

Image resolution

300 dpi

Include layers where applicable.

Illustrator raster effect settings

High resolution 300 ppi

Rasterize gradient mesh objects.

Illustrator PDF compatible file



PDF compatibility

Acrobat 6, PDF 1.5


Minimum line thickness

Single pure ink 0,15 mm

Composite color build-up 0,35 mm

Reversed lines 0,35 mm

Maximum 3 inks allowed in a composite color build-up.

Minimum text size

Single pure ink 5 pt sans-serif (stroke width 0,15 mm)

Composite color build-up 7 pt bold sans-serif (stroke width 0,35 mm)

Negative text 7 pt bold sans-serif (stroke width 0,35 mm)

See all text requirements

Maximum 3 inks allowed in a composite color build-up.

Minimum bar code size

100% magnification

EAN-13 37.29 x 26.26 mm

EAN-8 26.73 x 21.64 mm

See the barcode requirements

Elopak will ensure that all bar codes are in accordance with EAN certification.

Printing of Pantone colors

Not available.

All colors are converted to EloChrome by the Elopak Repro Department.

About EloChrome standards